Our cannabis packaging is made using from 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials.


Add-on products for our sustainable cannabis packaging solutions made from sustainable materials like hemp paper and plant-based plastic. Our add-ons include compostable film baggies, hemp paperboard outer packaging by Hemp Press, recycled glass jars by Tree Hugger Containers, organic hemp paper pre-rolled cones and hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt cones by Custom Cones USA, and more. Check out some of our sustainable cannabis packaging add-ons below.  

How We Can Customize Your Add-On Packaging

At Sana Packaging, we understand that every cannabis brand is unique, which is why we offer comprehensive customization options for your packaging needs. From label printing to sealing options, we provide a variety of choices to help you create packaging that reflects your brand identity while meeting regulatory requirements.

Tailored Sizes:

Choose from a variety of sizes for our Hemp Wrap Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones, including 1g, 0.5g, 109mm, and 84mm options. Whether you prefer larger cones for a more indulgent experience or smaller sizes for convenience, we have the flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

Branding Elements:

Elevate your brand presence with branded packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. From unique designs to eye-catching graphics, we offer customization options that help reinforce your brand identity and attract attention on dispensary shelves.

Tailored Solutions:

Whether you're a small startup or a large-scale operation, we provide tailored packaging solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver packaging that exceeds your expectations.

Choosing the Right Add-On Package for You

Selecting the perfect add-on package is crucial for ensuring your product not only stands out but also meets your specific needs and values. Let us guide you through our diverse range of options:

Organic Hemp Paper Pre-Rolled Cones 84mm & 109mm:

Crafted in collaboration with Custom Cones USA, our organic hemp paper pre-rolled cones are available in two sizes to accommodate different pre-roll weights. The 84mm cones are perfect for 0.5g pre-rolls, while the 109mm cones are ideal for 1g pre-rolls. Crafted from 100% organic hemp paper, these cones offer a clean and smooth smoking experience, whether filled by hand or with a knockbox.

Hemp Wrap Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones 1g & 0.5g:

Elevate your smoking experience with our hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt cones, available in both 1g and 0.5g sizes. These cones offer a fuller, richer smoke, enhancing the flavor profile of your cannabis. Crafted with precision and care, our hemp wrap cones allow your flower to fully express itself while delivering a satisfying smoking experience.

Compostable Film Baggies / Pouches:

Made from compostable cellulose sourced from responsibly managed forests, our compostable film baggies and pouches are an eco-friendly solution for packaging flower or edibles. Certified by FSC and PEFC, these pouches pair seamlessly with our Sana Hemp Container and hold up to 3.5g of product, ensuring both sustainability and functionality.

Durable Stone Paper Tamper Bands:

Revolutionize tamper-evident packaging with our stone paper tamper bands, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bands. Crafted from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene, these bands are durable, water-resistant, and perforated for easy application. Printed at a wind-powered facility in Colorado, our tamper bands offer peace of mind while reducing environmental impact.

Our Process

How It Works

1. Pick Your Product

Choose from our diverse range of sustainable packaging options, including pre roll cones, compostable film baggies and durable stone paper tamper bands.

2. Submit Your Artwork

Customize your packaging with your brand's unique artwork, logo, and product details. Our intuitive submission process makes it easy to share your vision with us.

3. Approve Artwork

Review the digital proof of your customized packaging and ensure it meets your brand standards and regulatory requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority.

4. Customization Process

Once your artwork is approved, our skilled team begins the customization process. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring your design to life using premium materials and eco-friendly practices.

5. Shipping

Sit back and relax as we handle the logistics. We offer reliable shipping services to ensure your customized vape cartridge packages arrive promptly and securely at your doorstep.

FAQs for Add-Ons

Why Plant-Based Hemp Plastic?

Hemp is both rapidly renewable and regenerative, making it an ideal feedstock for bioplastics. Hemp grows faster than other industrial crops, it requires less water and zero pesticides, it presents a superior carbon sequestration potential as 1 metric ton of hemp sequesters 1.5 metric tons of carbon, and it remediates the soil so it’s an ideal rotational crop. The domestic hemp industry is growing by over 30% per year and has the potential to reinvigorate economically stifled agricultural communities across the United States.

How Is Hemp Plastic Made?

Hemp plastic, also known as hemp bioplastic, is made from the fibers of the hemp plant, specifically the stalks or hurds. The process of making hemp plastic involves several steps:

Harvesting and Processing Hemp Fibers: Hemp plants are cultivated and harvested for their fibers. The stalks or hurds of the hemp plant are collected and processed to extract the long, strong fibers.

  • 1. Breaking Down the Fibers: The hemp fibers are then broken down into smaller pieces or converted into a pulp through mechanical or chemical processes. This step helps prepare the fibers for further processing
  • 2. Mixing with Polymers: The processed hemp fibers are combined with polymers, typically plant-based ones derived from sources like corn starch or sugarcane, to create a composite material. These polymers act as binders, holding the hemp fibers together and providing strength and flexibility to the final product.
  • 3. Extrusion or Molding: The hemp fiber-polymer mixture is then processed through extrusion or molding equipment to shape it into various forms, such as pellets, sheets, or molded products. During this step, heat and pressure may be applied to ensure proper blending and forming of the material.
  • 4. Cooling and Finishing: Once shaped, the hemp plastic material is cooled and undergoes any necessary finishing processes, such as trimming or surface treatments, to achieve the desired properties and appearance.

The resulting hemp plastic material is 100% plant-based, renewable, and offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. It can be used to produce a wide range of products, including packaging, automotive parts, construction materials, and more, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly manufacturing industry.

What’s In Our Plant-Based Hemp Plastic?

Our hemp plastic is 100% plant-based, a chemical-free fiber-reinforced biocomposite. Our formulation is 30% micronized hemp hurd and 70% PLA. We also use bio-based binders so the material is truly 100% plant-based.

What’s The End-of-Lifecycle Plan for Plant-Based Hemp Plastic?

Plant-based is the direction we need to be moving in for single-use products, like packaging. Ultimately, all virgin materials used for packaging should be sustainably sourced from rapidly renewable and regenerative resources. However, the current waste management infrastructure in the United States is lacking and our industrial composting infrastructure is virtually nonexistent. Plant-based hemp plastic currently goes to landfill where it acts as a carbon trap, which is a silver lining. As more companies adopt hemp plastic and other plant-based materials, it will help create the demand for a more robust industrial composting infrastructure.

Why Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic?

Each year, over 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans. This makes plastic pollution an extremely abundant “stranded resource” and reclaimed ocean-bound plastic can replace almost any plastic product being made today. There is absolutely no reason to ever use a virgin petroleum resin for single-use products, like packaging. Our goal is to remove plastic from the environment and reintroduce it to the marketplace and proper waste stream.

What’s In Our Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic?

Our reclaimed ocean-bound plastic has been sorted so it’s either a pure PET (#1 recyclable), pure HDPE (#2 recyclable) or a pure PP (#5 recyclable), depending on the product. Our goal is to remove plastic from the environment and reintroduce it to the marketplace and proper waste stream. Almost any product currently made from virgin petroleum-based plastic can be made from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. Along with creating a financial incentive to clean our environment, we want to help people understand how to better reuse existing resources to reduce pollution.

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