Our Story

Sana Packaging is a sustainable packaging brand that designs and develops cannabis packaging for a circular economy using plant-based, reclaimed, and recycled materials.


Rethinking packaging for a better… everything

By designing and developing cannabis packaging with reclaimed and regenerative materials, we are leading the way towards a circular economy that can help build a sustainable future and positively impact local economies – while growing your brand.

The circular economy is based on three guiding principles:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use
  • Regenerating our natural systems

To design for it we (always):

  • Source sustainably
  • Optimize the design
  • Design for material recovery

We start with materials that continue to heal the environment throughout their lifecycles, like plant-based hemp plastic and reclaimed ocean plastic. Then, we tailor-make packaging solutions that are good for the environment and your brand. We provide packaging as a service and facilitate all of your custom printing and labeling needs.

Sustainable packaging is more than a container – it’s an opportunity:

To connect with your consumer. To communicate your ideals. To differentiate your brand.

As your packaging partner, we want to be part of your success and will actively celebrate and promote your sustainable decisions, provide you with marketing materials that showcase your commitment to the environment, and support your role as a leader in the movement to become better stewards of this earth.

Made in the USA...

It has never been more important than now to invest in local resilience! Sana Packaging is proud to be a Made in the USA company committed to supporting domestic agriculture and domestic manufacturing.

...with a commitment to quality and customer service

We forge authentic relationships with our customer partners and we’ve built our business on integrity. We are open, accessible, and honest. Our commitment to our customers is evident in our promise to find packaging solutions in and out of the Sana Packaging portfolio and our proven ability to deliver an exceptional end-to-end experience.


Ron Basak-Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Ron earned his BA at Ithaca College and his MBA at CU-Boulder. Ron is a member of Colorado’s Recycle Colorado Council, Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, and the Resource Innovation Institute’s Waste Management Work Group. He also sits on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Packaging & Labeling Committee. Prior to the cannabis industry, Ron worked in the liquor industry.

James Eichner

Co-Founder & CSO

James earned his BA at Colorado College and his MBA at CU-Boulder. James is a founding member of the WeedWeek Council, he sits on California Cannabis Coalition’s Environmental Committee, and he has written educational pieces for HEMP Magazine, MG Retailer, and more. James has also won several pitch competitions on behalf of Sana Packaging. Prior to cannabis, James worked in the social and environmental justice sectors.

Pete Kemper

Director of Sales

Pete earned a BA in Marketing at the University of Denver. Prior to Sana Packaging, Pete spent six years at Bhakti Chai working in sales and marketing. Pete helped Bhakti Chai scale from a local Colorado company to a national brand distributed at Whole Foods, Target, and other major retailers. Pete is the driving force behind Sana Packaging’s rapidly growing brand.

Jill Kana

Director of Customer Engagement

Jill earned her BS at Colorado State University, where she founded the Women’s ice hockey team, and she earned her MS at the University of Northern Colorado. Prior to Sana Packaging, Jill worked with a startup outdoor brand that eventually sold to Thule – the roof rack accessory company. Jill loves building things from the ground up and believes the best way to do that is through relationship building.

Galen Kuney

Supply Chain Manager

Galen earned his BA at CU-Boulder and is now earning his MBA at CU-Boulder, where he is the VP of Programs & Operations at the Supply Chain Club, a member of the High-Growth Venture Honors Fellowship, and a Peer Coach. Prior to Sana Packaging, Galen spent four years in the cannabis industry in a variety of roles including retail management, compliance, inventory management, and post-harvest management.



We source our 100% reclaimed ocean plastic in partnership with Oceanworks, a global marketplace for reclaimed ocean materials and products. One of the biggest value-adds that Oceanworks provides is the verification that we’re sourcing pure materials.

Our 100% reclaimed ocean plastic is Oceanworks Guaranteed and pure HDPE (#2 recyclable) or pure PP (#5 recyclable), depending on the product.

Hemp Press

We partner with Hemp Press to provide our customers with custom hemp paperboard packaging. Hemp Press is the first exclusively hemp paper print shop and packaging manufacturer in the United States.

Our hemp paperboard packaging is 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer recycled paper.

Tree Hugger Containers

We partner with Tree Hugger Containers to provide our customers with glass jars. Tree Hugger Containers provides complainant and premium packaging solutions that keep our planet in mind.

Tree Hugger Container glass jars contain 50% to 70% recycled glass. The vast majority of glass only contains 30% recycled glass.