Our cannabis packaging is made using from 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials.

THC Edible Packaging Wholesale

Sana Packaging edibles packaging represents the future of sustainable and innovative THC edibles packaging! Our cutting-edge packaging solutions are crafted for cannabis enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious consumers. Crafted from either 100% plant-based hemp plastic or 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, our containers not only preserve the potency and freshness of your cannabis edibles but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. With child-resistant and odor-resistant features, our THC and cannabis edible packaging ensures safety without compromising accessibility. Whether it's for storing your favorite cannabis-infused treats or achieving long-term product freshness, our purpose-built lids and jars with wide mouths guarantee effortless access. We also have a wide variety of custom printing and labeling solutions and other add-ons! Check out some of our sustainable cannabis packaging solutions below.  

Custom TCH and Cannabis Edible Packaging

Elevate your cannabis edible packaging to remarkable levels of uniqueness through our bespoke printing and labeling solutions, alongside matching add-ons. Spotlight your company, logo, and brand narrative while also upholding a sense of environmental responsibility in your material choices. Our tailored THC edibles packaging options encompass an array of possibilities, ranging from digital printing and pad printing to traditional labeling and tamper-evident features, allowing you to encapsulate your vision flawlessly.

Beyond this, our selection of supplementary enhancements is equally captivating, incorporating compostable film baggies, Hemp Press organic hemp paperboard outer packaging, Tree Hugger Containers high-content recycled glass jars, Custom Cones USA organic hemp paper pre-rolled cones, as well as hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt cones, among other enticing options. Embrace the essence of distinction with wholesale offerings available for both custom THC edible packaging and custom cannabis packaging.

Sustainable Edible Packaging Materials

Utilizing 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, and an array of other ecologically sound materials, our cannabis edibles packaging stands as a testament to both innovation and sustainability. As pioneers in the realm of environmentally conscious packaging within the cannabis sector, we maintain an unwavering commitment to refining and enhancing our product range. Our dedication is channeled into materials specifically chosen to contribute to environmental restoration. Crafted exclusively in the USA, our cannabis packaging solutions are tailored to cater to your unique needs, ensuring not only regulatory compliance but also a resounding endorsement of eco-friendliness that fosters a positive brand identity. Moreover, we extend our offerings to encompass wholesale options for cannabis edibles packaging, further solidifying our stance as your ultimate sustainable packaging partner.

Cannabis Edible Packaging Made in the USA

It has never been more important than now to invest in local resilience. Every item within our sustainable packaging range is a source of pride, meticulously manufactured within the USA. This steadfast dedication underscores our support for domestic agriculture and manufacturing. Should environmental consciousness rank high on your business agenda, Sana Packaging emerges as the answer, offering not only enticing wholesale rates for cannabis packaging, but also delivering sustainable solutions for edible packaging that resonate harmoniously with both you and your clientele.

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High-quality, sustainable, and compliant marijuana packaging that you and your customers will feel great about using. Make our products uniquely yours with our custom printing and labeling solutions and other add-ons. We ship within the United States and to Canada, so join us in laying the foundation for a circular economy and a sustainable future!