Our cannabis packaging is made using from 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials.

Wholesale Weed Containers

At Sana Packaging we are proud to be the pioneer in eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions, our sustainable wholesale weed containers present a remarkable selection of premium alternatives for your business. Crafted from either 100% plant-based hemp plastic or 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, our containers embody eco-consciousness. Designed to be child-resistant and odor-resistant, they provide an ideal solution for storing cannabis flower and ensuring long-term preservation. Our purpose-built weed container lids and jars feature wide mouths for effortless access. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of customization possibilities, including custom printing, labeling solutions, and various add-ons. Discover our lineup of sustainable weed storage solutions below.

Custom Cannabis Weed Containers

Sana Packaging offers custom cannabis weed containers at wholesale prices, allowing you to personalize your storage solutions to perfection. With our custom printing and labeling options, along with an array of add-ons, you can transform our containers into a unique representation of your company, logo, and brand story. Choose from diverse customization possibilities, including digital printing, pad printing, traditional labels, tamper evidence, and more, ensuring your containers reflect your vision.

In addition to customization, we offer an assortment of add-ons to enhance your cannabis storage experience. Consider incorporating compostable film baggies, hemp paperboard outer packaging by Hemp Press, high-content recycled glass jars by Tree Hugger Containers, organic hemp paper pre-rolled cones, hemp wrap pre-rolled blunt cones by Custom Cones USA, and an array of other options. Make your weed containers stand out while embracing eco-friendly materials and packaging solutions.

Weed Containers Made With Sustainable Materials 

Immerse yourself in Sana Packaging and our best weed containers manufactured with sustainable materials. Our containers are designed to be child-resistant and odor-resistant, they are also crafted with detail to preserve your valuable cannabis products.

Each weed container is thoughtfully made using 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, and other environmentally conscious materials. As a pioneering sustainable packaging brand in the cannabis industry, we are constantly driven to enhance and optimize our containers, promoting the freshness of your cannabis while contributing to environmental healing.

Rest assured, our tailor-made cannabis packaging solutions, proudly manufactured in the USA, not only comply with regulations but also prioritize environmental friendliness, bolstering your brand's positive image.

Made in the USA

In the pursuit of more sustainable processes and environments, we believe investing in local resilience holds paramount importance. Sana Packaging acknowledges this urgency and takes pride in manufacturing all our weed storage containers right here in the USA. We are deeply committed to supporting domestic agriculture and fostering domestic manufacturing, underlining our dedication to local communities. By choosing Sana Packaging, you align your business with environmental stewardship, as we provide sustainable stash jars and cannabis packaging solutions that evoke a sense of pride for both you and your customers. Together, let's make a positive impact on the planet while meeting your packaging needs.

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High-quality, sustainable, and compliant marijuana packaging that you and your customers will feel great about using. Make our products uniquely yours with our custom printing and labeling solutions and other add-ons. We ship within the United States and to Canada, so join us in laying the foundation for a circular economy and a sustainable future!