Glass Concentrate Jar 7ml

We are proud to partner with Hero Packaging to offer our customers glass concentrate jars. Glass jars provide the ideal storage environment for cannabis concentrates. These 7ml glass jars fit 0.5g to 1g of concentrate. Available in clear, matte white, and glossy black. The pricing below is for clear glass jars. Reach out to our sales team for matte white glass jar and glossy black glass jar pricing.
  • Available in clear, matte white, and glossy black
  • Fits 0.5g to 1g of cannabis concentrate
  • 7ml volume
  • 240 glass jars per case
  • Pairs well with Sana Ocean Concentrate Lid
  • Works with all 38-400 child-resistant closures 
$0.30 per unit for 6+ cases, $72.00 per case
$0.26 per unit for 44+ cases, $62.40 per case
$0.20 per unit for 200+ cases, $48.00 per case
Suggested 7ml glass jar case counts to pair with 38mm lids
6 cases jars (1,440 units) = 1 case lids (1,500 units) 
25 cases jars (6,000 units) = 4 cases lids (6,000 units)
44 cases jars (10,560 units) = 7 cases lids (10,500 units)
100 cases jars (24,000 units) = 16 cases lids (24,000 units)
200 cases jars (48,000 units) = 32 cases lids (48,000 units)
400 cases jars (99,000 units) = 66 cases lids (99,000 units)
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High Quality Glass Concentrate Jars


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We are proud to partner with Hero Packaging to provide our customers with high-quality glass concentrate jars. 7ml glass concentrate jars are available in clear, matte white, and glossy black.

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