Sana Ocean Pre-Roll Multipack 90mm

The Sana Ocean Pre-Roll Multipack 90mm is ideal child-resistant packaging for pre-rolls and is made from ocean-bound plastic. This 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic is pure PP, a #5 recyclable. The Sana Ocean Pre-Roll Multipack 90mm fits 5 x 85mm (0.5g to 1g) pre-rolls and is food-grade certified, FDA-compliant, and child-resistant certified. 
$0.80 per unit for 1+ case (500+ units), $400 per case
$0.76 per unit for 12+ cases (6,000 units), $380 per case
$0.72 per unit for 30+ cases (15,000+ units), $360 per case
$0.68 per unit for 60+ cases (30,000 units), $340 per case
$0.64 per unit for 120+ cases (60,000 units), $320 per case 
$0.60 per unit for 210+ cases (120,000 units), $300 per case
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Fully Customizable

Make our pre-roll multipacks uniquely yours with our custom printing & labeling solutions and add-ons!

Custom printing and labeling solutions for the Sana Ocean Pre-Roll Multipack 90mm include:

Add-ons for the Sana Ocean Tube 110mm PET include:

*Custom colors available - MOQ 100k units
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