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How is Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Made?

The cannabis industry produces more than 1 billion units of packaging every year. Most ...

How is Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Made?

The cannabis industry produces more than 1 billion units of packaging every year. Most of this cannabis packaging is used once and discarded before ultimately ending up in a landfill. Cannabis consumers note the immense use of unsustainable cannabis packaging and the waste it creates. As a result, many consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging materials. 

How does the cannabis industry source sustainable packaging materials? Here are the top five methods of developing sustainable cannabis packaging.

Using Ocean-Bound Plastic for Cannabis Packaging

Ocean-bound plastic is a sustainable alternative to cannabis packaging materials consisting of “virgin” plastic. Manufacturers of ocean-bound plastic reclaim and recycle plastic that escapes traditional waste, streams, ending up in the environment and ultimately waterways and oceans. Sana Packaging is a sustainable packaging company that produces ocean-bound plastic materials for the cannabis industry. 

Sana Packaging uses ocean-bound plastic to produce marijuana packaging for various products: flower, prerolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. All of these ocean-bound plastic packaging offerings can be recycled. 

Reducing Excess Marijuana Packaging Materials

Cannabis brands and retailers must reduce to amount of materials needed to package their products. The pursuit of sustainable packaging involves developing innovative methods for minimizing the use of packaging materials. Cannabis companies are developing innovative solutions for reducing excess packaging materials.

STIIZY is a cannabis brand producing concentrates and vaporizer cartridges. The brand’s packaging minimizes the use of packaging materials. Going further, the company eliminated paper-based user manuals and replaced them with a QR code that allows customers to access a digital version.  

Cannabis companies are also reconsidering the materials utilized for child-resistant packaging. Fumé is a cannabis brand crafting novel child-resistant packaging for flower and preroll products. The company engineered a paper preroll box that eliminated the use of plastic for child-resistant packaging. Consumers must insert a credit card into the box of prerolls to access the product.   

Sourcing Plant-Based Cannabis Packaging Materials

Cannabis brands and retailers are sourcing plant-based packaging materials to promote sustainability. Plant-based packaging is a sustainable alternative to packaging that is not reusable or recyclable. Cannabis brands can use an array of plant-based materials for packaging cannabis products. 

Sana Packaging produces bioplastic packaging composed of hemp and PLA. Hemp is a more sustainable feedstock for bioplastics compared to other popular feedstocks like corn or sugarcane. Unlike many bioplastics on the market, Sana Packaging's hemp bioplastic packaging is 100% plant-based.

Cannabis companies are also sourcing packaging manufactured with plant-based ink. Soulshine Cannabis created packaging with vegetable-based ink printed onto sustainably sourced cardboard. Using plant-based ink and cardboard makes the brand’s packaging more easily recyclable.

Manufacturing Marijuana Packaging Materials Domestically

a massive carbon footprint. Cannabis companies pursuing sustainability must consider sourcing packaging materials domestically. 

Sourcing packaging materials from local manufacturers will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions created by shipping packaging over long distances. Domestic manufacturers also minimize the packaging needed to ship materials to cannabis companies.  

Sana Packaging believes sourcing packaging materials domestically helps promote sustainability. Our company is committed to providing cannabis companies with domestically manufactured packaging. All of our products are manufactured domestically in the U.S.

Avoid Mixed Materials While Packaging Cannabis Products

Cannabis brands and retailers promoting sustainable packaging minimize the use of mixed materials. Using mixed materials presents challenges while attempting to recycle packaging. Cannabis companies seeking sustainable packaging materials must consider reducing the use of mixed packaging materials. 

Diminishing mixed materials will reduce the size of cannabis packaging and subsequent waste. This downsizing of materials will also reduce the energy required to manufacture and ship packaging.

How Does Your Cannabis Company Source Sustainable Marijuana Packaging Materials?

Is your cannabis company searching for quality, sustainable packaging at a reasonable cost? Sana Packaging produces quality, sustainable, and affordable marijuana packaging. We are a packaging company committed to reliably delivering sustainable materials produced locally. 

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