RAIR: A Cannabis Cultivator and Retailer in Pursuit of Excellence

Sana Packaging is excited to introduce you to RAIR in this latest Customer Blog Series ...

RAIR: A Cannabis Cultivator and Retailer in Pursuit of Excellence

Sana Packaging is excited to introduce you to RAIR in this latest Customer Blog Series post. RAIR is a Michigan-based cultivator and retailer selling flower, edibles, beverages, concentrates, and tinctures. RAIR’s five provisioning centers feature quality products manufactured in-house and by third-party vendors.

RAIR is a customer-centric cannabis company that strives to sell products accessible to a diverse customer base. Molly McFadden is RAIR’s Director of Retail Operations, and she sources products for these consumers. Molly and Sana Packaging discussed RAIR’s contribution to creating a sustainable cannabis industry.

Molly shares her insights below:

How are you involved in RAIR’s effort to promote sustainable business practices?

As the Director of Retail Operations, I am the primary decision-maker for our provisioning centers. I am responsible for sourcing RAIR's sustainable cannabis packaging. I selected Sana Packaging to supply RAIR’s recycled plastic packaging. Our company believes Sana Packaging shares the same values regarding environmental sustainability.

RAIR is a value-oriented company that strives to promote sustainability and support the community. We organize local clean-up events monthly and recruit volunteers from the neighborhood. RAIR believes environmental sustainability starts in our backyard.

Can you tell us about RAIR’s sustainable cannabis cultivation practices?

RAIR aspires to promote sustainable cultivation practices. Our cultivation facility recycles at least 90% of the water used for cultivation. Additionally, we cultivate hydroponically to minimize the use of water, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

How does RAIR promote the use of sustainable cannabis packaging?

We source recycled plastic from Sana Packaging. You are a sustainable cannabis packaging company that produces hemp and ocean-bound plastic, a significant selling point. RAIR utilizes Sana Packaging’s recycled plastic containers for vaporizer cartridges and pre-rolls.  

Why did RAIR engage with a sustainable marijuana packaging company like Sana Packaging?

While sourcing packaging, RAIR desired to partner with a sustainable marijuana packaging company that shared the same values on sustainability. We determined that Sana Packaging possessed an authentic passion for pursuing sustainable cannabis packaging. We believe you are the perfect cannabis packaging partner for our company.

What is the biggest challenge facing RAIR’s effort to promote sustainable marijuana packaging?

Regulations preventing the reuse and recycling of cannabis packaging hinder our ability to promote sustainability. We cannot reuse packaging that contains cannabis residue. We also cannot ship packaging to recycling facilities outside of Michigan. Regulators should reconsider regulations concerning packaging reuse and recycling.

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Sana Packaging enjoyed discussing RAIR’s sustainability efforts with Molly. RAIR’s promotion of sustainability could be a model for other cannabis companies. Click here to learn more about RAIR.

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