6 Ways to Avoid Logistics Interruptions with Local Wholesale Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Suppliers

Climate change, political instability, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all impacted glob...

6 Ways to Avoid Logistics Interruptions with Local Wholesale Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Suppliers

Climate change, political instability, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all impacted global supply chains, disrupting the logistics of companies in every industry. Now, more companies than ever are considering a shift to a more circular, localized supply chain

Sana Packaging is a staunch supporter of local sourcing for our sustainable cannabis packaging materials. Here are six reasons why we believe that building a regional supply chain, rather than a global one, can help to create a more sustainable, ethical world — and help your business thrive, too.

1. Lower Your Potential for Supply Chain Disruptions

First and foremost, the shorter and more localized your supply chain is, the less likely it is to be disturbed by supply chain disruptions. Working with manufacturers and distributors close to home frees your companies from worries about changes in international shipping regulations or political situations. 

Even if your local supply chain is disrupted, you can resume normal operations much more quickly than a company that works with global suppliers and has to wait weeks — or even months — between shipments. 

2. Partner With Multiple Local Cannabis Suppliers

Though local sourcing is an excellent way to protect your company against supply chain disruptions, working with multiple local suppliers will provide even greater insurance. Partnering with various suppliers can also help to build a network of sustainable companies and positively impact the entire industry.

Sana Packaging has local and domestic partners to serve clients nationwide, whether you run a cannabis company based in New York or California. Partnering with multiple like-minded brands helps us to provide a wider variety of sustainable cannabis packaging options, serve clients across the country, and ensure that you get the products you need promptly, no matter what.

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3. Local Sourcing Makes Communication Easy

Communication is a cornerstone of business, but global supply chains can make this difficult. Local supply chains simplify communication, allowing your company to inquire about shipments, negotiate deals, and simply get to know the people you are working with — all of which can help your business grow and thrive. 

In the case of potential supply chain disruptions, clear and convenient communication allows businesses to work together to update each other on the situation and devise a plan to get things moving again. Therefore, companies that leverage a local network of suppliers will be better prepared in case of logistical disruptions. 

4. Ensure Ethical, Sustainable Cannabis Packaging and Business Practices

Working with local suppliers will also help you ensure transparency, ethicality, and sustainability at every supply chain step. Global supply chains are prone to a lack of transparency and the ethical and environmental transgressions accompanying an absence of oversight. Ensuring that local supply chains align with your company’s values is much easier. 

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Sana Packaging is deeply passionate about ethical and sustainable business practices, and it is essential to our mission that all of our own suppliers share the same values. By partnering with us, you can be sure that all the materials are ethically and sustainably sourced in our eco-friendly cannabis packaging supplies.

5. Save on Fuel Costs and Reduce Emissions to Increase Sustainability

For most companies, shipping and logistics processes release more emissions than any other part of the business. These emissions can be drastically decreased simply by partnering with local suppliers. 

Your company will use less fuel when products and materials travel a shorter distance to reach your facilities. Using less fuel decreases transportation costs, saving you money. It also reduces emissions, helping to lower your company’s carbon footprint.

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6. Ethics and Sustainability Build Trust with Consumers

Sustainability and ethical business practices are more critical now than ever. We are all responsible for helping minimize the harm we are doing to our planet, and choosing to work with local suppliers is an excellent way to embrace ethical, eco-friendly business practices. 

More and more consumers are becoming aware of how important ethics and sustainability are, too. Customers are increasingly concerned with the sustainability of the brands they support, and consumers are more likely to purchase from companies they see as ethical. Choosing to embrace sustainable and ethical business practices can help your business gain more customers, make more money, and significantly positively impact the world and your local community. 

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Companies that Use Local Suppliers

Sana Packaging is a leading source of eco-friendly and ethically sourced cannabis packaging materials. We work with local and domestic suppliers to provide you with all the supplies you need to package your cannabis goods, and we do all we can to support local, circular economies


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