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What Does Eco-Friendly and Compliant NY Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging Look Like?

Though the adult-use cannabis industry in New York State is relatively young, it is pro...

What Does Eco-Friendly and Compliant NY Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging Look Like?

Though the adult-use cannabis industry in New York State is relatively young, it is projected to become one of the most robust cannabis industries in the United States — second only to California. Income from regulated cannabis in the state is expected to exceed $6 billion by 2030; it’s essential to keep sustainability in mind in an industry of this size. 

Thankfully, New York has already established regulations to ensure the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry embraces eco-friendly practices as it grows. Sana Packaging is here to supply NY cannabis producers with the packaging they need to comply with every aspect of New York’s cannabis packing regulations. 

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Requirements for Recycled Cannabis in New York State

Lawmakers in New York State recently ruled that all cannabis packaging must be made from at least 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. This move ensures cannabis producers working in the state are mindful of the effects the cannabis industry can have on the environment. Luckily, opting for recycled plastic packaging will still allow easy access and easy recycling for NY cannabis consumers. 

New York Regulations for Cannabis Packaging

Like many other states, New York also has safety requirements regarding cannabis packaging. In New York state, adult-use cannabis must be packaged in child-resistant containers. The labels on these products must not be appealing to children and must clearly disclose the cannabinoid content and dosage information. 

Compliant and Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging for New York Cannabis Companies

In short, cannabis packaging in New York State must be child-resistant, clearly labeled, and made from at least 25% PCR plastic. Sana Packaging has numerous packaging solutions that fulfill all of these requirements. 

Small 100 Percent Recycled Pre Roll Tubes

Pre-rolls are among the most popular types of cannabis products, so naturally, Sana Packaging offers several options for sustainable pre-roll tubes


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Our 78mm Ocean Tubes are made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. They are perfect for small and mini prerolls, 0.5g vape cartridges, and some 1g cartridges. They are reusable, #2 recyclable, and come equipped with a child-resistant lid. We offer complete customization for these USA-made joint tubes through our printing and labeling services

Large Completely Recycled Pre Roll Tubes

Sana Packaging 116mm Ocean Tubes can easily accommodate full-size prerolls and king-size prerolls, cones, blunts, and larger vape pens and vape cartridges. They are also made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic and are reusable and #5 recyclable. Our large joint tubes include a child-resistant lid and can be fully customized, as well. 


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Recycled PET Pre Roll Tubes

We also carry 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic pre-roll tubes made from PET plastic. PET plastic is #1 recyclable and one of the most widely-used plastics worldwide. Accordingly, most consumers can access recycling services for this item. The pre-roll tubes feature an improved design, are fully customizable with our printing and labeling services, and can fit up to a king-size preroll or 10cm vape pen.


Recycled PET Pre Roll Tubes


100% Recycled Cannabis Jars

Sana Packaging also carries a 4oz jar made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic for flower, edibles, and topicals. Like the rest of our Ocean line, these jars are food-grade certified, so they are perfect for edibles, topicals, or up to 7g of flower. Sana Ocean Jars are #2 recyclable, reusable, and fully compatible with all child-resistant 53-400 lids. 


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100% Recycled Child-Resistant Lids

To complete our Ocean Jar offerings, Sana Packaging also carries child-resistant 53-400 screw-top lids made from the same recycled, food-grade, #2 recyclable plastic as our jars. The lids and jars are fully customizable with our labeling and customization services. 


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If your company prefers glass, our lids pair well with 2oz and 4oz high-content recycled glass jars by partner company Tree Hugger Containers

Where Can NY Cannabis Businesses Source Sustainable Cannabis Packaging?

Sana Packaging is your most comprehensive source of cannabis packages that comply with both sustainability and safety regulations in New York State. Our full complement of 100% recycled and child-resistant jars, lids, and pre-roll tubes are all fully customizable via our packaging and labeling services.


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