How Regional Cannabis Container Sourcing and Manufacturing Increases Business Resilience

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across all sectors are attempting to se...

How Regional Cannabis Container Sourcing and Manufacturing Increases Business Resilience

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across all sectors are attempting to secure their supply chains against disruptions. Safeguarding our businesses against disruptions and ensuring resilience when upsets happen is especially important for cannabis companies; cannabis is a novel industry, and consumers rely upon our products to support their health and wellness. 

At Sana Packaging, we believe that circular economies, local sourcing, and domestic manufacturing are the keys to ensuring resilience in the face of supply chain disruptions in an increasingly globalized world.

The Problems with Global Cannabis Packaging Supply Chains

Because our world is more connected than ever, many companies have turned to global suppliers for marginally cheaper materials and manufacturing. However, the disadvantages of global sourcing and supply chains far outweigh the benefits. 

Global Supply Chains are More Prone to Disruption

First and foremost, global supply chains are more vulnerable to disruptions. Whether these disruptions come from international crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or more mundane sources, such as bureaucratic holdups in foreign shipping lanes, global supply chains have more variables in play.

Therefore, relying on international producers and manufacturers to supply your day-to-day business operations puts your company at greater risk of supply chain disruption. 

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International Supply Chains Increase Lead Times for Cannabis Containers

When global supply chains inevitably get disrupted, it is also challenging to get back on track. Long lead times for international cannabis packages mean that even a slight delay somewhere in the supply chain can cause massive issues further down the line.

Because of the extended shipping times, it’s almost impossible to maintain flexibility. Even if your company switches to a different product, you will still have to wait weeks — or even months — for it to arrive stateside. 

Global Sourcing Can Harm the Environment

As a company dedicated to supplying sustainable cannabis containers, this issue is critical at Sana Packaging. Overseas shipping is a massive source of greenhouse gas emissions, and obtaining cannabis packages from other countries contributes to this problem.

Further, it’s difficult to ensure and maintain sustainable, ethical business practices with partner companies on the other side of the world; differences in standards and delayed communication can create cannabis packages that produce massive emissions, harming the environment. 

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3 Ways Local Supply Chains Support Cannabis Company Resilience

Sourcing cannabis packaging from local and domestic suppliers, however, is one of the best ways to ensure your cannabis company’s continued resilience in the face of potential supply chain disruptions. 

Circular Economies Support the Community

Local sourcing minimizes business disruptions and, therefore, supports regular operations. Regular operations, in turn, help the community; they allow employees to retain their jobs in difficult times. In truly circular economies, this benefit increases even more.

Companies can continue supporting employees, and employees who can continue working will be able to support the community and the company itself. In this regard, cannabis companies emphasizing circular economies and local sourcing are more resilient simply because they are less likely to have operational halts.  

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Sourcing Packaging Locally Enables Fast and Reliable Delivery

Sourcing materials and manufacturing services from local businesses or companies in your region of the country allows for shorter lead times and more reliable deliveries. When working with local suppliers, your company will be able to get what you need when you need it without worrying about delays in international shipping.

These short lead times also allow for more flexibility and, therefore, enable your company to respond to delays with resiliency; your company can quickly pivot to another product or local supplier if necessary and will only have to wait days, not weeks or months, for the products to arrive. 

Easily Communicate with Local Cannabis Packaging Manufacturers

Communicating with local suppliers is significantly more straightforward than with cross-planet business partners. Again, local supply chains are naturally protected from many potential disruptions. However, if and when disturbances do occur, the ease of communication between your cannabis company and your partners will enable you to quickly and easily sort things out and get your distribution back on track. 

Where to Source Locally Produced Cannabis Packaging Materials

Sana Packaging is proud to work exclusively with local and domestic suppliers for our sustainable cannabis packaging materials. By working with us, you will be able to become a part of our local supply chain, strengthening the circular economy that is central to our mission. To learn more, request samples, and partner with us and other like-minded cannabis packaging suppliers, contact Sana Packaging today.