What Does ESG Mean for Sustainable Cannabis Packaging?

As a growing industry with roots in disrupting the status quo, the cannabis industry ha...

What Does ESG Mean for Sustainable Cannabis Packaging?

As a growing industry with roots in disrupting the status quo, the cannabis industry has a responsibility — and opportunity — to champion ethical environmental, social, and corporate governance principles. Sana Packaging is a passionate proponent of these ideals. Today, we will discuss ESG and how cannabis companies can harness these ideals to push their company and the industry forward into a better future. 

ESG Meaning: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

ESG stands for environmental, social, and corporate governance. It refers to a set of ideals that outline ethicality in business. 

Environmental Social Governance

Why is ESG Important in the Cannabis Industry?

It is essential for cannabis companies, specifically, to embrace the ideals of ESG. As members of a burgeoning industry, cannabusinesses have the opportunity to help shape industry-wide norms and practices. Cannabis cultivation and distribution can significantly affect the environment, so it’s essential to work to minimize these harms. Additionally, the cannabis industry is, by nature, deeply rooted in social causes — and environmentalism is a social cause, too. 

How ESG Works to Support Sustainability

Care for the environment is one of the cornerstones of ESG. How, exactly, does ESG support eco-friendly business practices?

How ESG Scores are Calculated

Though ESG can refer to a general set of values, it can also refer to a concrete, quantifiable set of guidelines and an accompanying score. 

Many organizations provide ESG audits, each with a slightly different scoring system and criteria. Generally speaking, however, the requirements are relatively similar. 

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To address the environmental component of an ESG score, auditing companies look at factors relating to a company’s overall sustainability and environmental consciousness, such as:

- Does the company use eco-friendly materials?
- Does it adhere to sustainable manufacturing processes?
- How does it distribute its goods?
- Does it participate in any carbon offset programs or other sustainability-focused initiatives? 

5 Ways Cannabis Companies Can Address ESG Concerns

There are many things that cannabis companies can do to address the environmental dimension of ESG guidelines. 

1. Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

For cannabis companies that create packaged goods, switching to sustainable cannabis packaging solutions is one of the first things to consider. Reclaimed plastic, recycled glass, or plant-based bioplastic are excellent options for sustainable packaging materials. 

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Whether based in a state like New York that requires cannabis packaging to be made partially of post-consumer waste or setting a sustainable example as an individual company, Sana Packaging has eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions to fit your unique needs. 

2. Source Products and Materials From Local Suppliers

Choosing local or regional suppliers can also significantly impact your company’s sustainability. Working with local suppliers will reduce the fuel needed to transport materials to your company’s warehouses or manufacturing facilities, lowering your overall carbon footprint.  

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At Sana Packaging, we work with local and domestic suppliers to reduce emissions and ensure you receive your packaging materials on time. 

3. Opt For Sustainable Practices

No matter what type of cannabis company you run, sustainable practices are essential to ensure the environment's health. Small changes can add up to make significant differences, and you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or effectiveness to switch to more sustainable practices. 

Sana Packaging offers complete customization of all our products, and we use eco-friendly printing and labeling practices whenever possible. This way, you can promote your company, highlight your products, and respect the environment simultaneously. 

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4. Support Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

Changing your business practices isn’t the only way to increase your environmental score on your next ESG report. Your company can also make a difference by supporting organizations and initiatives that promote the health of our planet. 

Sana Packaging supports initiatives to remove and keep single-use plastic out of the ocean; as of early 2023, we had successfully repurposed over half a million pounds of ocean-bound plastic into our reclaimed plastic cannabis packaging. 

5. Work With Eco-Conscious Companies

You can also help to strengthen the sustainability of the cannabis industry as a whole by choosing to work with other like-minded companies. By partnering with other cannabusinesses passionate about the environment, you will strengthen your ESG scores and help make the cannabis industry a more sustainable, ethical field. 

At Sana Packaging, we have partnered with Tree Hugger Containers, Hero Packaging, and Hemp Press to source high-quality sustainable packaging materials. We also love that we can supply so many incredible cannabis companies who are just as passionate about the environment as we are. 

Increase Your Cannabis Company’s ESG Rating With Sana Packaging

If your cannabis business manufactures or distributes consumable products, you must prioritize packaging that is kind to the environment. Sana Packaging is your one-stop shop for fully customizable, eco-friendly cannabis packaging materials.

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