The Top 3 Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Trends in 2023

The global cannabis industry is growing, and so is the cannabis packaging industry. Eco...

The Top 3 Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Trends in 2023

The global cannabis industry is growing, and so is the cannabis packaging industry. Economists expect both industries to continue expansion, which is excellent news for cannabis companies in every industry sector. More growth, however, means more competition. It’s crucial to stay ahead of the game with cannabis products and packaging. Here are three of the biggest trends we at Sana Packaging see in cannabis packaging and how to take advantage of them in your business. 

1. Product Visibility with Clear Eco-Friendly Cannabis Containers

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, including how customers interact with dispensary products before they buy. Consumers still want to see the product before they buy it, but increased safety regulations have changed how they can do so. 

One of the latest trends in cannabis packaging is a shift toward clear, eco-friendly containers so customers can safely see products, like flower and concentrates, without breaking the seal. 

Manufacturers, producers, and other cannabis companies can take advantage of this trend in marijuana packaging by offering clear containers that put their products on display. Items like eco-friendly clear cannabis jars allow customers to see and interact with the product safely before purchasing. 

2. Exciting Branding with Custom Cannabis Packaging

When browsing the shelves at a dispensary or any other store, it’s no secret that package design and branding catch consumer attention before anything else. It’s essential to ensure your package design aligns with your brand’s identity and catches the eye of your ideal customers. 

Whether your brand leans toward bright and colorful or sleek and minimal, ensuring your product stands out in a sea of competing logos, brands, and designs has never been more critical. Guarantee that your product stands out by using unique, innovative, custom-labeled packaging. 

Sana Packaging offers custom labeling on all of our products. Our designers and packaging experts will work with you to ensure the finished product matches your vision. By working with a trusted network of domestic American partners, we can provide high-quality products and a quick turnaround time for custom cannabis packages that are as reliable as they are unique.

3. Highlighting Company Ethics with Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Another huge part of brand image is a company’s values, ethics, and the causes they choose to support. Consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing eco-friendly products from eco-friendly companies, so the final trend we will discuss is sustainable packaging and practices. 

Sustainability is more than just a trend, though. Cannabis companies must be aware of their product's environmental impact since growing, harvesting, processing, and packaging can all affect the environment. A significant way cannabis companies can make their products more sustainable and gain the attention of eco-minded consumers is by opting to use sustainable packaging wherever possible. 

Sana Packaging is one of the leading providers of sustainable and eco-friendly marijuana packaging. We offer everything from preroll tubes made from recyclable reclaimed ocean-bound plastic to flower containers made from plant-based hemp bioplastic. Using packages like these will help your company reduce its footprint and show consumers that you value the environment and the planet's health. 

Follow the Trends in Marijuana Packaging

Staying mindful of what customers and consumers are looking for is one of the most impactful things cannabis companies can do to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive industry. Your brand should highlight visibility, unique branding, and sustainable materials in its packaging strategy. 

Sana Packaging can help your company keep up with trends in the cannabis packaging industry. Whether you are searching for transparent containers, customizable labels, or sustainable materials, we can help. Contact us today to learn more and start creating the perfect packaging that will reel in your customers.