Unique Considerations for Sustainable Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis brands and retailers have specific requirements for packaging flower. Consumer...

Unique Considerations for Sustainable Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis brands and retailers have specific requirements for packaging flower. Consumers and regulators need cannabis businesses to provide regulatory-compliant packaging that maintains flower freshness and potency. Quality, regulatory-compliant packaging protects the integrity of cannabis flower for at least six months.

Consumers also expect cannabis brands and retailers to provide sustainable flower packaging. Cannabis consumers are concerned about packaging’s negative impact on the environment. How do cannabis companies provide quality, regulatory-compliant packaging that is sustainable?

As a sustainable packaging company, Sana Packaging understands how to provide quality, regulatory-complaint cannabis flower packaging that reduces environmental impact. Are you responsible for packaging flower for a cannabis brand or retailer? Keep reading to understand unique considerations for sustainable cannabis packaging that maintains flower quality.

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance for Marijuana Packaging While Promoting Flower Quality

The cannabis flower is sensitive to extreme temperatures, humidity and light. As a result, cannabis brands and retailers must provide packaging that maintains an ideal environment for cannabis flower. How do cannabis companies produce packaging that protects flower from extreme elements?

Maintaining a Proper Temperature Inside Packaging for Cannabis Flower

Cannabinoids and terpenes are compounds contained in cannabis flower that provide psychoactive effects. Extreme temperatures will degrade these compounds and decrease flower quality. Leading cannabis companies recognize that flower packaging must maintain room temperature to protect quality.

How to Control the Environment Inside Packaging for Marijuana Flower

The absence or abundance of humidity can affect the quality of cannabis flower. High levels of moisture will promote the growth of mold on flower. Low humidity levels will cause flower to lose moisture, which deteriorates cannabinoids and terpenes.

Oxygen also degrades the quality of cannabis flower, and packaging must prevent exposure to this element. “Flushing” is a process that uses inert gases like nitrogen to avoid the introduction of oxygen into packaging. Keep in mind, flower flushing is a lengthy and expensive process.

Alternatively, cannabis brands and retailers can vacuum seal flower into packaging. This process removes oxygen from the packaging, which protects flower until unsealing. Air-tight cannabis packaging will maintain an ideal flower environment.

Preventing Light from Impacting the Quality of Cannabis Flower Inside Packaging

Cannabis packaging needs to protect flower from sunlight exposure. Direct sunlight degrades flower quality. Quality cannabis packaging prevents direct sunlight from striking the flower.

Cannabis brands and retailers can source packaging that will prevent sunlight exposure. Cannabis companies should avoid using translucent glass packaging if they want to protect flower from direct sunlight. Alternatively, opaque plastic packaging can prevent sunlight exposure.

How to Maintain Regulatory Compliance While Providing Quality Packaging for Cannabis

Cannabis companies and regulators are concerned about keeping cannabis out of children’s hands. As a result, regulations require cannabis companies to provide child-resistant packaging for cannabis flower. These regulations require that packaging is resistant to scratching and tearing.

Regulations also demand the specific display of label information contained on cannabis packaging. These regulations dictate the information that is allowed to appear on packaging. This information helps consumers understand the product inside the packaging and how to consume it safely.

Cannabis brands and retailers must consider child-resistant packaging and labeling requirements while pursuing sustainable, quality packaging. Otherwise, cannabis companies risk losing their license to operate.

How to Sustainably Package Cannabis Flower While Maintaining Quality

As we mentioned, marijuana consumers require access to sustainable packaging. Cannabis companies should dedicate resources to pursuing sustainable packaging. Your packaging process for cannabis flower should be as green as your growth and distribution models.

Cannabis brands and retailers should consider the volume of materials used while packaging flower. There could be an opportunity for cannabis companies to downsize the material volume contained in the packaging. Downsizing packaging reduces the quantity of materials required to package cannabis flower. Downsizing also reduces the carbon footprint required to ship your cannabis flower.

How to Source Sustainable Packaging for Cannabis Flower that Maintains Quality

Cannabis companies should also consider sourcing sustainable, quality packaging materials from companies like Sana Packaging. Sana Packaging sources sustainable materials that produce quality packaging. Our company produces sustainable packaging materials like ocean-bound and hemp plastic.

Ocean-bound plastic is a packaging material produced with 100% recycled materials. Sana Packaging’s ocean-bound plastic is reclaimed from waterways and converted into cannabis packaging. Our company manufactures recycled ocean-bound plastic cannabis packaging for flower, prerolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.

Hemp plastic is another sustainable packaging material for cannabis products. This packaging material is 100% plant-based. Sana Packaging produces hemp plastic packaging for flower and prerolls.

Are you prepared to source inexpensive, quality and sustainable packaging? Sana Packaging is a sustainable packaging company that reliably delivers quality packaging. Click here to learn more about our cannabis packaging.