Why Communication is Key for Sustainable Cannabis Retail Packaging Partners

Communication is key to effective, meaningful, and mutually beneficial business relatio...

Communication is Key for Sustainable Cannabis Retail Packaging Partners

Communication is key to effective, meaningful, and mutually beneficial business relationships. Even in our technologically advanced world, choosing to build a local supply chain enables easier and more effective communication between business partners. Circularity through local sourcing is one of our core tenets at Sana Packaging, and this approach to business produces incredible benefits. 

Today, we’re sharing three reasons communication is essential — and how local sourcing makes it easy. 

Communication Creates Connections Between Likeminded Companies

Connections help us to grow our businesses and further our missions. Communication, especially with local and regional companies, enables making those connections. 

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Communication Helps Cannabis Companies Find Sustainability Solutions

The most impactful companies have a cause driving them. For Sana Packaging, our core mission is sustainability. We are passionate about reducing waste and providing eco-friendly packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. At Sana Packaging, we want to positively impact the world by helping the cannabis industry become more environmentally responsible. 

We work to exemplify the ideal of sustainability in all of our products and almost exclusively use recycled, reclaimed, and biodegradable materials. We have already made a difference by providing cannabis companies with sustainable packaging options; as of early 2024, we have recycled over 750,000 pounds of reclaimed ocean-bound plastic

Our mission isn’t possible in isolation, though. By communicating our goals and forming partnerships with companies such as Hemp Press, Treehugger Containers, and Hero Packaging, we have made a larger impact as a collective than we ever would have individually. Working with like-minded companies is especially important for cannabis companies; our connections and communication help to strengthen the burgeoning cannabis industry as a whole. 

Local Sourcing Plus Communication Equals Business Resiliency

Local Sourcing Plus Communication Equals Business Resiliency

Partnering with local companies makes communication more straightforward and makes it easier for your business to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. 

In our globalized world, events in far-away countries can have a massive impact on our supply chain and ability to source the products we need. When you source products from distant places, you open your supply chain up to the potentially devastating effects of externalities like political instability and natural disasters. 

Rapid Pivoting is Possible with Effective Localized Supply Chains

Though sourcing locally won’t protect your company’s supply chain from all possibilities, it will inherently minimize the risk as products must travel shorter distances to get to you. Even when disruptions threaten the local supply network, the ease of communication between domestic and local suppliers will make it easy for your company to respond, pivot, and continue operating. It’s easier to contact your supplier when they are another regional company in the next state than to contact the relevant business representative in a massive company with offices in a different country. 

For example, because Sana Packaging works with local and domestic suppliers, we conducted business with relatively few delays throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. While the global health crisis greatly impacted companies that source their materials from other countries, businesses with a well-established local supply chain faced far fewer barriers to operation. Because of this, we were able to continue supplying our clients with the eco-friendly cannabis packaging materials they needed so they could continue serving customers. 

Consistent Communication Helps Build Customer Relationships

Consistent Communication Helps Build Customer Relationships

Finally, the ease of communication that comes with local sourcing helps solidify customer relationships

Communicating easily with your business partners and suppliers allows you to do business efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, streamlines your operation and enables your clients to do business with you easily, too. 

Emphasizing the importance of communication in business will also help you provide stellar customer service to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Your shipments will be less prone to issues since you work more closely with your suppliers and shippers, and the materials travel a shorter distance to get to the customers. When problems arise, you can deal with them and make them right more effectively because your customers can contact your company easily. 

Sana Packaging prioritizes communication with our clients and customers as part of our mission to create a genuinely circular cannabis economy and a robust local supply chain. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is evident in every part of our business; even creating fully customized sustainable cannabis packaging is an easy and efficient process. 

Choose Sustainable, Communicative Cannabis Packaging Companies

If excellent service, an integral brand mission, and positive communication are essential to your business, you need to work with a local supplier who shares your ideas. Sana Packaging provides cannabis companies nationwide with sustainable, eco-friendly packaging materials through our local and domestic partners. 


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