How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Eco Friendly Cannabis Packaging

All individuals, companies, and organizations have a carbon footprint — and business le...

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Eco Friendly Cannabis Packaging

All individuals, companies, and organizations have a carbon footprint — and business leaders, especially, have a responsibility to reduce their company’s carbon footprint as much as possible. 

As a novel industry focused on making positive changes in the community, the cannabis sector is uniquely well-suited to make eco-friendly changes to reduce its carbon footprint. Using eco-friendly packaging materials, like those available from Sana Packaging, is one of the most effective methods.

Use Recycled Materials to Create Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Sustainability is an essential part of carbon footprint reduction, and using recycled materials wherever possible is an excellent way to embrace sustainability. 

Scientists estimate that more than 10 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans yearly, polluting our environment, harming animals, and profoundly affecting human health. Manufacturers who choose to use recycled plastics as a packaging material are also choosing not to contribute further single-use plastic pollution to our waterways and natural spaces. 

Recycled materials, such as glass and reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, produce far less emissions than newly manufactured materials. The exact number varies depending on the precise recycling process, but typically, creating recycled packaging produces about 30% less emissions than manufacturing packaging from new materials.


With the help of our customers we have reclaimed over 750,000 lbs of ocean bound plastic


Sana Packaging is incredibly passionate about the importance of recycled and reclaimed materials for cannabis packaging. We carry a line of cannabis packages made from 100% reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic; to date, Sana Packaging has saved more than half a million pounds of plastic from the world’s waterways. We also partner with Tree Hugger Containers to provide high-content recycled glass containers

Whether your company is choosing to use recycled materials to adhere to post-consumer recycled cannabis packaging regulations in your state or because your brand is as passionate about the environment as we are, Sana Packaging can provide you with all the recycled plastic cannabis packaging you need. 

Reduce Waste With Plant Based Packaging 

Choosing to avoid conventional packaging materials such as virgin petroleum-based plastics can also help your company to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Plant-based bioplastics, like hemp plastic, are an excellent alternative to traditional packaging materials. Hemp plastic is stronger than petroleum-based plastics, lightweight, and can be biodegradable. It has a distinctive look that can make your company’s cannabis products stand out on dispensary shelves, and it can help minimize your carbon footprint by reducing waste. 


With the help of our customers we have used over 228,000 lbs of plant-based hemp plastic


Because hemp plastic is so sturdy, it is excellent for reuse; consumers can reuse hemp plastic joint tubes repeatedly. Sana Packaging has even designed many of our hemp plastic products with reuse in mind; our hemp container is resealable and sturdy enough for everyday use, and the lid doubles as a mini rolling tray. 

If your company wants to switch to hemp-based plastic packaging, Sana Packaging can help. With multiple sizes of preroll tubes, a flower container, and other hemp accessories like rolling papers and hemp paperboard boxes through our partnership with Hemp Press, we can supply your cannabusiness with everything you need to reduce your carbon footprint using hemp.

Choose Local Suppliers of Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

No matter what packaging materials you choose, working with local distributors is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint even further. 

Transportation and supply chain operations are significant drivers of carbon emissions for most companies, contributing a considerable percentage of the organization’s overall carbon footprint. Choosing to work with local suppliers can help to cut down on the distance that your packages have to travel to get to you, reducing your emissions and, therefore, your overall carbon footprint. Sana Packaging works with local and domestic suppliers to minimize our transportation emissions and get your orders to you quickly.  

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Other Benefits of Local Sourcing

Locally sourcing your cannabis packaging materials can have a positive impact on more than just your company’s carbon footprint. 

Invest in Your Community

Obtaining your cannabis packaging supplies from local manufacturers and distributors is an excellent way to contribute to the community in which you operate. Since federal regulations have largely divided the United States cannabis industry across state lines, sourcing your packages locally will strengthen your local economy and community. 

Make a Tangible Difference

Working with local eco-friendly cannabis packaging suppliers can help you make a noticeable difference in your community, too. Investing in local businesses and supporting sustainability initiatives in your backyard will allow your cannabis company to make a real difference in the world around you and could encourage other members of your cannabis community to do the same. 

Sourcing Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packages


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Sana Packaging is your one-stop shop for reducing your carbon footprint through sustainable packaging options. We offer various sustainable cannabis packages, full customization, eco-friendly printing and labeling, and low-emission shipping. To request samples of our products or set up a consultation, contact Sana Packaging today