Let Freedom Ring with USA-Made Innovative Cannabis Containers

Whether you celebrate the start of summer on Memorial Day weekend or wait until the sum...

Let Freedom Ring with Made in the USA Packaging

Whether you celebrate the start of summer on Memorial Day weekend or wait until the summer solstice on June 21, warmer weather is nearly here. As the days get longer and holidays celebrating America, like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, draw near, it’s an excellent time to think about where your cannabis containers come from.

6 Benefits of American-Made Cannabis Containers

At Sana Packaging, we work hard to source all our cannabis packaging solutions from USA-based manufacturers and partners. There are countless reasons why sourcing American-made cannabis packaging materials is essential. In the spirit of the season, we want to share some of the most significant benefits our clients have mentioned over the years.

Forest Road Circular Economy

1. Support a Circular Economy with Locally Made Cannabis Packages

We are continually working toward our goal of a circular economy, a low-waste economic model in which the local community is always the priority. Sourcing only American-made cannabis containers contributes directly to achieving this goal.

By supporting local and domestic businesses, we are putting money back into the local economy. In turn, we provide our neighbors and collaborators with locally made, high-quality, sustainable cannabis packages.

2. Locally Sourcing Cannabis Containers Contributes to Quicker Turnarounds and Lower Lead Times

Cannabis companies must remain flexible to deal with the confusing regulations surrounding our industry. It can be challenging to do this when you have to order packaging materials from overseas and wait months for them to arrive. Choosing to work with local cannabis container suppliers eliminates this problem.

By sourcing all of our products from America, Sana Packaging can deliver the packaging materials you need in a fraction of the time compared to international suppliers. You won’t have to wait as long for your order to arrive so you can stick to your schedule.

International Shipping Containers

3. Easily Communicate with Local and Domestic Account Managers

Quality customer service can make or break a business interaction. Domestically sourcing your cannabis containers gives you simple, direct lines of communication with the companies you work with.

When working with local companies, your account manager will be familiar with your company and your needs, and they will be a time zone or two away at most, making it much easier to schedule meetings and ask questions.

4. Avoid Logistics Interruptions with American-Made Cannabis Containers

Because USA-made cannabis containers have to travel a much shorter distance to get to you, they are far less prone to supply chain disruptions. With locally sourced cannabis packages, you won’t have to contend with the variables that go into international shipping, like geopolitical situations and cascading effects from further up the supply chain.

Of course, domestic shipping can still be disrupted, but when it happens, it is far easier to get things back on track since the lead times are much shorter and communication much easier.

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5. USA-Made Cannabis Containers Allow for Lower Minimum Order Quantities

Global suppliers often have incredibly high minimal order quantities (MOQs) to attempt to offset the rising shipping costs and long lead times of international shipping. However, many cannabis businesses don’t work that way.

When you order American-made cannabis containers, the MOQs will be far lower. This allows for highly customized cannabis packaging and is ideal for companies specializing in small-batch, artisanal products or featuring different labels on each container.

6. Locally Sourcing Cannabis Packages is Cost-Effective

Though packaging materials from international companies are sometimes cheaper individually, you end up paying far more in total than you would if you sourced them locally.

With American-made cannabis packages, you will receive a higher-quality product with better customer service, and you won’t have to pay astronomical fees for international shipping. Consider the beneficial societal and environmental impacts, too; domestically sourced products contribute money to the American economy and release fewer shipping emissions.

Dispensary Shelves with Cannabis Products

How Does Sana Packaging Prioritize Domestically Produced Cannabis Containers?

At Sana Packaging, we strive to be your one-stop shop for American-made cannabis containers and packaging solutions.

We design, manufacture, and distribute all of our signature products in the United States. Our partners, like Hemp Press and Treehugger Containers, are also US-based.

Made in the USA Cannabis Packaging

Additionally, Sana Packaging proudly offers in-house customer service without outsourcing or offshoring. When you contact us to set up an account or ask a question about your order, you will speak directly with one of our friendly, knowledgeable, USA-based team members.

Celebrate American Manufacturing with US-Made Cannabis Containers

When you want American-made, sustainable, and high-quality cannabis packages, Sana Packaging is your go-to source. We offer cannabis packaging solutions for all products, from sea to shining sea.

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