Stand Up for Cannabis Sustainability with Customizable Flexible PCR Pouches

Flexible, resealable pouches are a mainstay in the cannabis packaging industry. However...

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Flexible, resealable pouches are a mainstay in the cannabis packaging industry. However, it can be hard to find sustainable versions of these popular cannabis packaging materials. As a cannabis container company with sustainability at the heart of our mission, Sana Packaging is excited to introduce one of our newest products: post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouches for cannabis products.

5 Benefits of Post-Consumer Recycled Standup Pouches

Sana Packaging’s PCR pouches are child-resistant, resealable, and stand up independently. These eco-friendly cannabis pouches are made from 40%+ PCR material.

1. Adhere to Cannabis Packaging Requirements with CRP PCR Pouches

Your cannabis products’ packaging must adhere to strict guidelines to be sold in adult-use and medical markets. Sana Packaging’s flexible PCR pouches fulfill the most common regulations. 

PCR Pouches Meet Cannabis Sustainability Requirements in NY and Beyond

New York is one of the most exciting cannabis markets in the country, exhibiting rapid growth over recent years. The state requires that all cannabis packaging meets minimum sustainability requirements, including a PCR content of at least 25%. Sana Packaging’s recycled cannabis pouches contain nearly twice that amount of PCR material. 

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CRP Pouches Meet Cannabis Container Requirements for All Regulated Cannabis Industries

All regulated cannabis industries across the United States require child-resistant packaging (CRP). Sana Packaging’s CRP pouches adhere to this requirement, too. Like nearly all of Sana Packaging’s products, these sustainable pouches are child-resistant and resealable to keep children safe and protect the quality of cannabis products. 

2. Get More Cannabis Products on Your Shelves by Using Flexible Pouches

Because Sana Packaging’s PCR pouches are flexible, they allow cannabis retailers to fit more products on the shelves in brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Streamlined, compact packaging can help keep stores looking neat and organized, and being able to accommodate more products on shelves can give customers more choices and, therefore, lead to more sales. 

Cannabis Dispensary Shelves Flexible Pouches

3. Save on Shipping Costs and Emissions with Flexible Standup Pouches

Flexible cannabis containers also provide benefits in transporting products to retail locations. Flexible PCR pouches are exponentially lighter and more compact than most other types of packaging, including conventional plastic cannabis containers. 

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Compact packaging takes up less space during shipping, reducing shipping costs for your business — a significant expense for most companies that is only continuing to rise. Shipping products and packaging materials is also a substantial contributor to global emissions. Opting for flexible PCR pouches can help your company reduce its carbon footprint by creating less emissions during shipping. 

4. Easily Customize Flexible PCR Bags for Cannabis Products

Most customers’ first impressions of your products revolve around the packaging. Sana Packaging’s PCR bags allow for incredible flexibility in branding and labeling. We provide robust customization options for all of our products, and our PCR pouches are exceptionally easy to make your own. 

Fully Customizable Flexible Stand Up PCR Pouches

The ease of customization of these products makes them ideal for craft cannabis producers who do limited cultivation runs and release small batches of each product. They are also an excellent choice for companies that use different artwork and branding for each product since we can do mixed runs and include multiple designs in a single order. 

5. Recycled Pouches are Versatile Options for Cannabis Packaging 

Finally, Sana Packaging’s flexible PCR pouches offer unmatched versatility for cannabis cultivators and retailers. Because these cannabis bags are child-resistant, the product or secondary package inside doesn’t need to be. They are an excellent option for companies that embrace unique or nontraditional packaging solutions. For example, if your preroll prerogative is to use a non-CRP compostable container made of hemp, it could then be packaged inside a child-resistant recycled patch to meet regulatory requirements.

Post Consumer Recycled PCR Flexible Stand Up Pouches

Sana Packaging PCR pouches come in several sizes and are well-suited for virtually any cannabis product, from flower to edibles. Because they can hold almost every product, you can use the same packaging for all your products. Simplifying your cannabis containers can save you a significant amount of money and help you further reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Where to Source Sustainable Child Resistant Standup Pouches

Sana Packaging proudly carries high PCR content and child-resistant, resealable stand-up pouches for cannabis products. We also offer a wide variety of other cannabis packages for use on their own or in tandem with our PCR packages. 

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Our varied selection of sustainable cannabis containers, full customization options, and commitment to fast shipping through local sourcing make Sana Packaging the best source for eco-friendly cannabis packages. For more information about how you can make your cannabis company more sustainable or to request samples of any of our products, contact Sana Packaging today.