What Environmentally Conscious Cannabis Packaging Regulations Are Required in CT for Compliance?

Cannabis companies have a responsibility to pursue sustainability, as the cannabis indu...

What Environmentally Conscious Cannabis Packaging Regulations Are Required in CT for Compliance?

Cannabis companies have a responsibility to pursue sustainability, as the cannabis industry is deeply rooted in social causes and relies on a healthy planet to produce top-tier products. 

The importance of sustainability and eco-friendly practices holds especially true in newer sectors of the cannabis industry, such as in New England and the Northeast United States. This blog will discuss the Connecticut cannabis industry and how Sana Packaging can help cannabis companies in CT ensure their businesses are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Is Cannabis Legal in Connecticut?

Yes, cannabis is legal in Connecticut for medical and adult use. The bill legalizing adult use, S.B. 1201, was signed into law and took effect in 2021. Residents and visitors of the Constitution State now have access to high-quality, regulated cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. 

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Connecticut Cannabis Packaging Requirements

Cannabis products sold in Connecticut are subject to rules and regulations governing quality, sale, and packaging. In CT, cannabis packages must:

- Be opaque.
- Be child-resistant.
- Use plain packaging; edible labels must be in black and white, and other types of products may only use a single color.
- Display the cannabinoid content, serving size, and use instructions.

- Include the universal symbol for cannabis and multiple state-specific warning statements.
- Contain a complete list of ingredients.

- List safety and quality information, such as expiration date, testing information, and batch identification.

Compliant and Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Though Connecticut does not currently require cannabis manufacturers to use sustainable materials or eco-friendly packaging materials, it is a good idea for manufacturers and retailers to adopt protocols to ensure the sustainability of their companies. 

Some states in the Northeastern U.S., such as New York, require cannabis companies to use recycled materials in their packaging. Other states may adopt similar regulations in the future. More consumers are concerned with the sustainability of the companies they support, so upholding eco-friendly practices can be an excellent way for cannabis companies to set themselves apart and capture more customers. Additionally, cannabis companies are responsible for ensuring the health of the planet that produces the plant the industry is based upon. 

For ethically minded cannabusinesses in CT, Sana Packaging offers sustainable packaging solutions.

Eco-Friendly Opaque Cannabis Packaging

In Connecticut, all cannabis products must be packaged in opaque containers. Using opaque materials ensures the product's longevity by protecting it from light exposure and minimizes the risk of accidental ingestion. Sana Packaging offers many opaque cannabis packages made from sustainable materials. 

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Sana Packaging’s ocean line is fully opaque and made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. We currently offer small preroll tubes, two varieties of large preroll tubes, and a four-ounce jar made of reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. We also offer a complete line of packages made from hemp-based plastic. Our small hemp tubes, large hemp tubes, and 3.5-gram containers are all made from uniquely eye-catching and naturally opaque plant-based plastic.  

Sustainable Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

All cannabis packages in Connecticut must also be child-resistant. Lids must be resealable and difficult for a child to open, and individual doses of edibles must be wrapped separately. 

Shop resealable child resistant cannabis lids

Sana Packaging offers many different child-resistant cannabis packaging solutions, all fully customizable and made from environmentally friendly materials. Our joint tubes are all resealable and come equipped with child-resistant lids. Sana jars are compatible with all child-resistant 53-400 closures, including our Ocean Screw-Top Lids

Custom Cannabis Packaging With Sustainable Materials

Connecticut cannabis packaging must be relatively plain and display disclaimers, universal symbols and information about the product inside. It can be difficult to find and create eye-catching, compliant labels and even more challenging to produce them using eco-friendly practices, which is why Sana Packaging offers a solution.

Sana Packaging offers complete customization of all our products so your cannabrand can comply with CT regulations while standing out to dispensary customers and minimizing your environmental impact. We have tested all of our materials to ensure quality and longevity, and we will work with you to perfect your designs. 

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Sana Packaging works with domestic and local partners to minimize shipping emissions and get you the packaging and labeling materials you need on time, every time. We offer label printing and application, direct printing, hemp paperboard and outer packaging, and add-ons like tamper-evident seals to help your products comply with all regulations, appeal to eco-minded customers, and stand out on dispensary shelves.

Serve CT Customers and Help the Planet with Sana Packaging

For cannabrands that want to positively impact the world around them while capturing consumer interest, Sana Packaging is your one-stop shop. We offer sustainable, compliant packaging for all types of cannabis products, and we care about the environment just as much as you do. 

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