What States Require Sustainable Cannabis Packaging?

Sustainability is a critical issue, and as business leaders, we all share social and en...

What States Require Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Sustainability is a critical issue, and as business leaders, we all share social and environmental responsibilities to ensure our operations are as eco-friendly as possible. While individual companies can make a difference, real change comes from legislation. At Sana Packaging, we are excited to see more states build sustainability and care for the environment into their cannabis packaging laws. 

Why Are Cannabis Packaging Sustainability Regulations Important?

Over the decades, activists and industry leaders have built the cannabis industry on a foundation of advocacy and social justice. Contemporarily, caring for the environment is also an issue of social responsibility. For the cannabis industry to uphold its values of social equity, leaders in the sector need to ensure their cannabrands embrace sustainable practices. 

New York Cannabis Legalization Rally

Because so many states’ cannabis industries are still in their early stages, the sector has a unique opportunity to build sustainability into the legislation that underlies its operation. Including requirements for sustainable packaging in state-level cannabis laws ensures that these issues remain at the forefront of the industry, even as it grows. 

Which States Have Requirements for Sustainable Cannabis Packaging?

A handful of states have included sustainability requirements in their cannabis legislation, including:

- New York
- New Jersey
- Vermont
- New Mexico

As more states continue to build out their regulated cannabis markets, we expect to see more emphasis on cannabis container sustainability. 

Brooklyn Bridge New York

New York Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Laws

New York is one of the most exciting cannabis markets in the country and also leads the way in sustainability requirements for cannabis containers

Cannabis manufacturers in the Empire State must adhere to a handful of sustainability requirements when packaging their products. Most notably, New York State requires that cannabis manufacturers make their containers from at least 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material

Asbury Park New Jersey

New Jersey Cannabis Packaging Sustainability Guidelines

Unsurprisingly, New Jersey has followed New York’s example and adopted guidelines about sustainable cannabis containers.

New Jersey cannabis requirements state that “cannabis businesses shall make a good faith effort to utilize packaging that is biodegradable.” Though this isn’t the most precise, purposeful piece of eco-friendly cannabis legislation we’ve seen, it shows the Garden State is thinking about the impact of cannabis packaging. 

Montpelier Vermont

Vermont Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Requirements

Vermont also has laws in place to ensure sustainability plays a meaningful role in its growing cannabis industry. The Green Mountain State’s cannabis container regulations attempt to bypass this country’s broken plastic recycling system entirely.

In Vermont, cannabis containers must be reusable and cannot be made from traditional petroleum-based plastic unless specifically approved by the state. While this is not the most nuanced interpretation of sustainability we've seen, it shows the Green Mountain State is thinking about the impact of cannabis packaging. 

Taos New Mexico

New Mexico Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Container Rules

New Mexico takes a more flexible approach to cannabis container sustainability while still maintaining the importance of respecting the environment. 

Cannabis manufacturers in New Mexico must package their products in cannabis containers that are compostable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials

Types of Compliant and Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Single-use plastic packaging is ubiquitous in our society, so it can be hard to visualize cannabis packaging solutions that utilize other materials. However, there are many sustainable alternatives to traditional cannabis packages available on the market today. They include:

Recyclable Cannabis Packaging Multipacks

Recyclable Cannabis Packaging

Glass, hemp-based paperboard, and many plastic cannabis containers — including Sana Packaging’s reclaimed ocean-bound plastic — are fully recyclable. 

Recycled Cannabis Packaging Pouches

Recycled Cannabis Containers

High-content recycled glass and PCR-content recycled plastic are excellent options for cannabis containers made from recycled materials. These materials can also have a demonstrable impact on the environment; Sana Packaging’s reclaimed ocean-bound plastic containers have diverted over 750,000 pounds of plastic waste from the ocean

Plant-Based Cannabis Packaging Containers

Petroleum-Free & Plant-Based Cannabis Packaging

Plant-based hemp plastic is one of the best options for petroleum-free cannabis containers. Sana Packaging carries all types of plant-based hemp plastic cannabis containers

Where Can I Source Eco-Friendly Cannabis Containers?

Sana Packaging is your one-stop shop for locally sourced and sustainable cannabis packaging solutions. From hemp paper cones to reclaimed ocean-bound plastic joint tubes, we can help you adhere to and exceed state regulations. 

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