What Are the New 2024 Cannabis Packaging Rules in NY?

The Empire State is one of the most populous states in the U.S. and is home to a burgeo...

What Are the New 2024 Cannabis Packaging Rules in NY?

The Empire State is one of the most populous states in the U.S. and is home to a burgeoning cannabis community. The New York cannabis industry is an exciting frontier, and recent laws have been enacted to ensure it is as sustainable as possible. 

Sana Packaging is deeply passionate about ensuring sustainability in the cannabis industry, so we feel the New York cannabis packaging regulations that went into effect at the start of the year are a massive step in the right direction. Read on to learn about the latest sustainable cannabis packaging rules businesses must adhere to in 2024 and moving forward.

New York Cannabis

New Cannabis Packaging Regulations for New York Cannabis Companies 

New York lawmakers legalized cannabis in 2021, but the industry is still developing. Some of the most impactful regulations went into effect at the beginning of 2024, including rules about cannabis packaging sustainability. 

Post-Consumer Recycled Cannabis Containers

All cannabis companies based in New York must adhere to environmental and sustainability guidelines to be eligible for a license. One of the most impactful ways cannabis companies in NY can adhere to these guidelines is by using packaging made from at least 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material.

Post-Consumer Recycled PCR Cannabis Packaging

Other New York Cannabis Container Regulations

New York requires cannabis companies based in the state to follow several other packaging guidelines to keep consumers safe and ensure the quality of cannabis products. 

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packages

All cannabis packages in New York must be child-resistant. Child-resistant packaging helps to ensure that cannabis products, especially easy-to-consume products such as edibles, do not fall into the hands of children. 

Cannabis product packages containing more than one serving must also be tightly resealable and remain child-resistant after initial opening. 

Sana Packaging’s bread and butter are child-resistant sustainable cannabis packages, and we can make our containers meet legal CRP requirements.

Child-Resistant CR CRP Cannabis Packaging

Tamper-Evident Cannabis Containers

Containers for cannabis in New York must also be tamper-evident. They must seal tightly, and it should be obvious to consumers and retailers when that seal has been broken. 

This regulation helps to ensure the quality and freshness of the product and also helps protect consumers from contaminated products. 

Nearly all of Sana Packaging’s products can be made tamper-evident. We even offer tamper bands made from stone paper to ensure that every part of your cannabis packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. 

Customizable Tamper Bands for Cannabis Packaging: Screw-Top Lids, Flower Jars, Pre-Roll Tubes, Concentrate Jars

Clear Labeling on Cannabis Packages

Cannabis containers in New York must be clearly labeled with the product name, use instructions, expiration date, and a QR code or website leading to more information. 

However, cannabis packages in New York cannot be designed in a way that appeals to consumers under 21 years of age; bright colors and interactive elements should be minimized. 

Sana Packaging offers complete customization of all our products so that you can design your NY cannabis products to adhere to regulations and perfectly align with your brand aesthetic. 

Full-Service Customization: Label Printing & Application, Direct Printing, Paperboard Outer Packaging, Tamper Evidence, Pre-Rolled Cones

Sustainable and Compliant Cannabis Packaging Materials

Sana Packaging offers sustainable cannabis packaging solutions that comply with all other New York cannabis packaging regulations, too. 

Flexible Standup PCR Pouches for Flower, Edibles, and Concentrate

At Sana Packaging, we’re incredibly excited to introduce flexible bags made from sustainable materials. Our pouches are made of 43% PCR material, are tamper-evident, securely resealable, and child-resistant, so they meet all of New York state’s requirements for cannabis packaging. 

These resealable pouches stand up independently and are available in several sizes. They are fully customizable and ideal for flower or edibles, and they take up less room and weight in shipping containers than traditional cannabis containers to lower your environmental impact even more. 

Fully Customizable Stand-Up Flexible Pouches

Recycled Jars for Concentrate, Flower, and Edibles

Sana Packaging’s signature line of Ocean products is made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastics. As of early 2024, Sana Packaging has reached the three-quarter mark on our goal to keep a million pounds of single-use plastic waste from entering waterways

Sana Packaging Ocean Jars are made from 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic and are #2 recyclable. The four-ounce container is food-grade, FDA-compliant, and fits up to seven grams of flower or an equivalent volume of edibles. It is compatible with all child-resistant 53-400 lids, can be made tamper-evident, and fully complies with New York cannabis packaging requirements. 

Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic Jars Cannabis Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Options for Prerolls

Prerolled joints and blunts are some of the most popular cannabis products, so it’s essential to offer customers a wide variety to choose from. At Sana Packaging, we carry multiple sustainable packaging options for prerolls and vape cartridges. Our options are customizable, child-resistant, resealable, and can be made tamper-evident. 

Sana Ocean Preroll Multipack: This new 90mm preroll package fits up to five standard-size (0.5 to 1 gram) prerolls. 

90mm Ocean-Bound Pre-Roll Multipack

110mm Sana Ocean Tube: This large tube can fit a king-size preroll or standard-size blunt. It’s also an excellent choice for small vapes.

110mm Ocean-Bound Pre-Roll Tube

78mm Sana Ocean Tube: Our small ocean tube is perfect for mini prerolls and 0.5 or 1-gram vape carts. 

78mm Ocean-Bound Pre-Roll Tube

Where Can New York Cannabusinesses Source Compliant Cannabis Packaging?

The New York cannabis market is poised to take off; in 2023, New York state saw $150 million in retail sales. To participate in this exciting industry, your company must comply with all NY cannabis regulations. Sana Packaging is the best source for fully compliant and eco-friendly cannabis containers. 

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