6 Reasons Ocean Reclaimed Jars, Lids and Preroll Tubes Epitomize Eco-Friendly Cannabis Containers

Companies that manufacture consumer goods are responsible to the planet and the people ...

6 Reasons We Love Ocean-Bound Packaging

Companies that manufacture consumer goods are responsible to the planet and the people they serve to do everything they can to improve the world we all share. As cannabis companies, we share an extra responsibility to the environment since we rely on natural products to conduct business. 

One of the most impactful ways to minimize your company’s environmental impact is through the packaging you choose. At Sana Packaging, we believe that reclaimed ocean-bound plastic is one of the most sustainable materials available for cannabis packaging.

What is Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic for Cannabis Packaging?

Ocean-bound reclaimed plastic refers to plastic waste collected from the environment near the shoreline. Plastic pollution is collected from waterways, beaches, and communities near the ocean. This waste material is then cleaned, processed, and recycled into high-quality plastic and plastic containers. 

Ocean Plastic Collection Areas

The world produces a massive amount of plastic waste each year, and much of it goes into our oceans. The more plastic we can help remove from the environment, the healthier our oceans are. 

6 Benefits of Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic for Cannabis Containers

At Sana Packaging, we believe that reclaimed ocean-bound plastic is one of the most eco-friendly materials available for cannabis packages. We make our signature line of products entirely from recycled ocean-bound plastic. 

1. Help Clean the Environment with Ocean Bound Plastic Cannabis Containers

First and foremost, reclaimed ocean-bound plastic containers make a tangible difference in the health and cleanliness of the environment. The vast majority of the pollution in the ocean comes from plastic waste. This waste entangles and harms wildlife, compromises natural habitats, and degrades into harmful microplastics and toxic chemicals. 

Sana Packaging Customers Have Reclaimed Over 750k Pounds of Ocean-Bound Plastic

Choosing to use cannabis containers made out of reclaimed ocean-bound plastic helps to alleviate this massive problem. Since our inception, Sana Packaging has helped to keep more than 750,000 pounds of plastic waste out of the ocean. By partnering with us and using our reclaimed ocean-bound plastic cannabis containers for your cannabusiness, you can join the effort and help us make an even more significant difference.  

2. Ocean Bound Plastic Cannabis Containers are Compliant

Compliance with local cannabis packaging laws and regulations is essential for any cannabusiness to operate successfully. All states require that cannabis packages be child-resistant and display critical information about the product. Most states require that cannabis containers be tamper-evident or resealable, and many cannabis markets require that cannabis packages be opaque. Some states, like New York, even have sustainability requirements for their cannabis containers. 

Sana Packaging reclaimed ocean-bound plastic cannabis containers comply with all these regulations. They are child-resistant, opaque, and can feature any information your home state requires. Our recycled ocean plastic containers are resealable and can be made tamper-evident. They are 100% recycled and fully recyclable, so they exceed cannabis packaging sustainability requirements as well. No matter what your state requires from cannabis packaging, Sana Packaging’s Ocean line will keep you compliant. 

3. Customize Your Ocean Bound Cannabis Containers

Customizing your cannabis packages will allow you to display all required information, such as QR codes and cannabinoid content, to comply with local regulations. It will also allow you to keep your branding consistent and catch customers' attention. 

Customization: How It Works

Like all Sana Packaging products, our reclaimed ocean-bound plastic cannabis containers are fully customizable using sustainable printing and labeling practices. We strive to streamline the process so that your cannabis containers look precisely how you visualize them.

4. Reusable and Recyclable Cannabis Containers from Ocean Bound Plastic

We make our reclaimed ocean-bound plastic containers to be both recyclable and reusable. They are sturdy enough to stand up to multiple uses, whether customers reuse them for cannabis products or repurpose them for other uses. Depending on the product, they are also either #1, #2, or #5 recyclable. 

By emphasizing reclaimed, recycled, and reusable materials, Sana Packaging’s Ocean line of cannabis containers helps us work toward our goal of a circular cannabis economy.

5. Lower Shipping Costs and Fuel Emissions with Recycled Plastic Cannabis Containers

Shipping is a significant stumbling block for many companies working to reduce their carbon footprint and emphasize sustainability. Shipping prices are steadily rising, creating a considerable expense for many cannabis companies. Additionally, shipping and transportation make up a significant portion of many businesses’ total emissions

Shipping Containers on Cargo Ship

One potential way to circumvent this problem is by choosing lightweight materials, such as plastic, for cannabis containers. Sana Packaging's reclaimed ocean-bound plastic cannabis packages are lightweight and easy to ship, and they don’t carry the drawbacks of virgin petroleum plastic. Reclaimed ocean plastic containers provide sustainability-minded cannabis companies with an excellent option to help them save on fuel costs and transportation emissions.

6. Ocean Plastic and Glass Packaging Solutions for Every Cannabis Product

Sana Packaging's reclaimed ocean-bound cannabis packages also provide a sustainable cannabis solution for every type of cannabis product. All our packaging solutions are child-resistant, fully customizable, recyclable, food-grade, and can be made tamper-evident. Here are Sana’s ocean packaging solutions:

Large Prerolls and Vapes

Our 110mm and 116mm Ocean tubes are the perfect size for joints and small all-in-one vapes. We offer two variations: one made of #5 recyclable PP plastic and the other from #1 recyclable PET

Small Prerolls and Carts

Our 78mm Ocean tube is sized to fit mini pre rolls and small vape cartridges. 

Pre Roll Multipacks

The Sana Packaging Ocean pre-roll multipack fits five joints. 

Jars for Edibles, Flower, and Topicals

The 4-ounce Ocean jar fits up to seven grams of flower. Because it is food-grade, it can also be used for cannabis topicals and edibles. 

Concentrate Jars

We also carry high-content recycled glass concentrate jars and corresponding reclaimed ocean-bound plastic lids

Sana Packaging is Your Source for Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic Cannabis Packaging

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for sustainable cannabis packaging materials, no matter what type of cannabis products your company carries.

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