Why Ocean Preroll Multipacks Mark A Sea Change in Cannabis Packaging

Pre-rolled joints are among the most popular types of cannabis products in the United S...

Ocean-Bound Pre-Roll Multipacks Mark A Sea Change in Cannabis Packaging

Pre-rolled joints are among the most popular types of cannabis products in the United States and Canada. As prerolls become more popular, cannabis companies can’t afford not to offer them. However, it can be challenging to package pre-rolls sustainably; single tubes create unnecessary waste, and many other options are heavy or difficult to ship.

Sana Packaging has the answer. We are excited to launch preroll multipacks made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic that will help you minimize your cannabis company’s carbon footprint and cater to your customers simultaneously. 

What Are Sana Packaging’s Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic Pre Roll Multipacks?

Ocean Pre-Roll Multipacks from Sana Packaging are made from 100% reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic. This material comprises plastic waste collected from shorelines, waterways, and ocean-adjacent communities. The reclaimed plastic is then recycled and used to make our cannabis containers, cleaning our environment and providing your cannabusiness with eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions.

Sana Ocean Multipacks Ocean Bound Plastic

We designed these preroll multipacks with your business, customers, and the environment in mind. Here are the ocean preroll multipack’s top features:

- Holds five 85mm (0.5g to 1g) joints or blunts.

- Child-resistant to comply with child safety laws in every regulated cannabis industry across the country.

- Tamper-evident when paired with Sana Packaging’s Durable Stone Paper Tamper Bands.

- Resealable.

- Food grade and FDA-certified.

- Sturdy and reusable.

- Made from #5 recyclable plastic.

3 Benefits of Reclaimed Ocean-Bound Plastic Joint Multipacks

Sana Packaging’s reclaimed ocean-bound plastic preroll multipacks are the solution to joint packaging that your cannabis company has been looking for. 

1. Cater to Your Cannabis Customers

Pre-rolled joints and blunts are consistently some of the most popular cannabis products on the market, with increased sales year over year. As prerolls continue to rise in popularity, so do preroll multipacks. More and more consumers are choosing to purchase multiple prerolls at once, and offering prepackaged multipacks is a great way to make these purchases even more convenient for your customers. 

Sana Ocean Multipack & Ocean-Bound Plastic

Additionally, more than half of consumers prefer sustainable products and packaging. Consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases than ever before. By offering recyclable cannabis containers, like Sana Packaging’s Ocean Pre-Roll Multipacks, you can appeal to your customer’s interest in sustainability and bring in more eco-minded cannabis consumers. 

2. Save On Shipping with Lightweight Cannabis Containers

Shipping is one of the most expensive parts of any supply chain, both in terms of monetary cost and environmental impact. Shipping and transportation are responsible for significant global greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to package your products in containers made from lighter materials, like reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, you can simultaneously save on fuel costs and lower your company’s carbon footprint

Freight truck driving forest mountain highway

3. Help the Environment with Eco-Friendly Pre Roll Containers

Packaging your cannabis products in sustainable containers also makes a tangible difference in the planet's health. As companies that produce consumer goods, we are responsible for minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible. Cannabis companies have an additional responsibility; the plant we rely on comes from the earth, so we must keep the earth healthy.

As of the beginning of 2024, Sana Packaging has removed more than 750,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from the environment. By partnering with us and packaging your cannabis products in our reclaimed ocean-bound plastic containers, you can help keep our planet’s waterways clean. 

Sana Packaging Customers Have Reclaimed Over 750k Pounds of Ocean-Bound Plastic

4. Comply With Cannabis Packaging Regulations

Sana Packaging’s ocean-bound plastic products allow your company to care for the environment while complying with local laws and regulations. Some regulated cannabis markets, like New York, have sustainability requirements in place for cannabis packaging. Sana Packaging makes our Ocean Pre-Roll Multipacks with 100% recycled plastic, so they far exceed recycled material requirements. 

The Ocean Pre-Roll Multipack complies with most other common cannabis packaging regulations, too. They are child-resistant, resealable, and can be made tamper-evident. They are opaque, and we offer full customization of every label so that you can keep your brand imagery and information compliant. 

Where to Source Recycled Plastic Pre Roll Multipacks

If your cannabusiness is ready to make the switch to sustainable cannabis packaging solutions, you’re in the right place. Sana Packaging offers eco-friendly cannabis packages for every type of cannabis product, including pre rolls. 

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